WLAN Optimizer

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What's streaming mode?

According to MSDN the WLAN driver won't "implicitly perform any self-initiated actions that may decrease packet throughput over the media stream. For example, the driver must not initiate any network scans or radio power management on its own" while streaming mode is active.

Whats the difference between 0.10 Alpha and 0.21 Alpha?

Version 0.10 Alpha was one of the first public releases. It did its job for the most people. However, there were also some people claiming that WLAN Optimizer 0.10 Alpha wasn't working. The new Version 0.21 Alpha should do it's job for those people. It contains two additional tweaks. It has some new features and needs much less memory (especially when minimized).

Version 0.10 Alpha0.21 Alpha 
Release date Dec 11, 2007 Aug 7, 2009 
Supported tweaks

Memory usageHigh Low 
Start with WindowsYes Yes 
Start minimized to trayYes Yes 
Operating systemWindows Vista

Windows Vista, Windows 7

Hide from Windows Flip / Flip 3DNoYes
Hide from taskbarPartiallyYes
Re-optimize after temporary connection lossYesYes

Do I need WLAN Optimizer?

Maybe not. One user told me that with the latest Ralink driver there is no lag at all. He said:

'I would like to let you know that the latest Ralink rt73 drivers have a built-in solution for the lag spike problem. Since Vista version and XP version of the rt73 driver there is an option called "Smart Scan". If you enable that, the lag spike is gone.'

And if you have no wireless connection, WLAN Optimizer is useless for you anyway.


I have Windows XP. Can I use WLAN Optimizer?

Well, originally the tool was developed for Windows Vista only. But it should work on Windows XP SP2 with KB918997 and on Windows XP SP3 as well (with limitations). Both of them support the Native Wifi API (which is the API WLAN Optimizer uses). .NET-Framework 3.5 is required. 


Note that on Windows XP only the Autoconfig-Tweak is supported (you can read about this here).