WLAN Optimizer

Optimize wireless gaming, audio & video streaming...

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What is WLAN Optimizer?

A small freeware tool for Windows Vista / 7 (XP with limitations) disabling the periodical background scan activity for wireless networks. It improves latency time of wireless connections. Hence it is useful for people with wireless connections getting lag spikes (especially during online gaming, audio and video streaming). The application automatically tries to optimize your wireless connection when started. If it works for you, you can make it launch when Windows session starts (e. g. minimized to tray). Closing WLAN Optimizer will restore Windows standard values.

New version released!


Version 0.21 Alpha is a bug-fixed version of 0.20 Alpha and should work for the most people. It contains the following tweaks:

  • Disabling autoconfig (admin rights needed)
  • Disabling background scan (no admin rights necessary)
  • Enabling streaming mode (no admin rights necessary, but driver dependent)

The user can choose which tweaks to use. However, I do not recommend to disable autoconfig (you won't see any networks in Windows).